Marina Fiala
maid of honor

“Marina and I, being only a year and a half apart, and the youngest of four, were known as  “the little kids”.  As the little kids, we stuck together, went to the same schools, worked the same jobs and participated in the same activities such as gymnastics, little dribblers, 4-H and so on.  More than anyone in the world, Marina knows me the best.  For that reason, she has the best advice, the kind that is completely relevant to your personality and situation.  Since the beginning, Marina was always on team Mark and Deborah.  Despite all the crazy highs and lows that come with a 4-year long distance relationship, Marina always encouraged me, saying it could work and was worth it.  She was very much correct, Mark and I survived the test of distance and are better for it.  The one down side to getting married is that I’m moving away from Las Vegas and from my sister Marina.  However, my hope is that she will move here one day. Thanks for agreeing to be my Maid of Honor Marina!” - Deborah

"Debbie has been my rock my entire life. There is no one that knows me better. She's stayed by my side through thick and thin with absolute dedication.  She has a bleeding heart and if she could she would rescue every dog in the world.  I was thrilled when she reconnected with Mark because he is her match in the heart department. He has a fun and unconventional personality (I remember him rocking a skin-tight, electric blue, nordic one-piece suit on several occasions with zero shame). To his core is incredibly caring and loyal.  My sister Debbie is the best person I know, and Mark is the only person in the world I trust to be her partner in life.” - Marina

Robin Fiala Kiely

"Robin is my eldest sister and she has really taken it upon herself to be the caretaker of not only her younger sisters but also of her extended family, friends and community.  She has the kindest and most gentle heart. I am so proud of the amazing mom she has become for her three children.  Mark and I are so appreciative of the fact that Robin is flying across the country from Kodiak, Alaska to Atlanta to be a part of the wedding ceremony.  She will be the one tearing up the dance floor so you can’t miss her during the reception." - Deborah

Wendy Fiala

"For the longest time everyone referred to me as Wendy’s little sister.  This never surprised me because Wendy makes such a strong impression. Everyone quickly admires her, is impressed by her and is comfortable around her because she is so comfortable being herself.  Wendy and Justin recently had their first child, Julius Matos, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them.  Mark and I look forward to Wendy, Justin, their new baby Julius and the rest of the Matos clan moving to Atlanta once they visit in May and realize how hip and affordable life in Georgia really is ;)." - Deborah

"Being Debbie's second eldest sister, I have known Debbie since she was born. Growing up, I may have been a bit of a bully to my younger sisters since I was the tallest and the biggest. Fortunately, becoming adults as well as living a short plane ride away has meant growing close as friends as well as sisters. I swing by Las Vegas whenever I can to just chill, dominate escape rooms, do puzzles and eat sushi with my sisters (and spend quality time with my nephews Kodiak and Ranger). I think Mark couldn't be a more perfect balance of stability mixed with fun for Debbie and cannot wait for their big day when he officially becomes family." - Wendy

Rachel Spool

"Rachel and I have been friends since as early as our memories go back. Born 5 days apart, we have known each other for only 5 days short of our entire lives.  While I am technically older, Rachel is wiser, in fact, much wiser.  I would describe Rachel as an old soul in a young body. I spent my junior year of high school at the Spool residence and I consider them to be my second family. While distance has separated Rachel and I for the last 18 years, our friendship remains as strong as ever.  In fact, Rachel has played an integral part of the planning and organizing of this wedding to come.  I am so grateful for this special and time tested friendship and I am so happy that Rachel will be a part of this upcoming milestone in my life with Mark." - Deborah

Genevieve LeDoux

"Gen LeDoux is someone that immediately lights up a room.  She is incredibly talented, creative, witty and loving, all of which is apparent after having only a short conversation with her.  From the beginning, Gen was incredibly supportive of our relationship.  Her care and love for her brother-in-law Mark is undeniable and the fact that she so openly welcomed me into the family means the world. Mark and I are so grateful, as anyone would be, to have someone like Gen in our lives and to a part of our special day.
Not only is May 10th the day of the wedding, but it is also Gen's birthday - major cause for an extra-extra extraordinary celebration. Thank you for sharing your birthday with us Gen!" - Deborah

Josie Stewart

"I still remember the day that Josie Cooper moved from Australia to Kodiak, Alaska. I was so excited to have a friend with such a wonderful and weird accent.  That was the start of a very long and special friendship. We have had so many memories together; we went to the same elementary school, middle school, high school and college and also worked together every summer in Kodiak for about a decade. While I did not realize at the time, those summers in Kodiak turned out to be some of my fondest memories and I am grateful to Josie for watching so many Korean dramas with me.  I was so happy for Josie when she met her husband Martin, as it was clear to everyone how happy they were. Just as I was honored to be in Josie’s wedding in the summer of 2015, I am honored to have Josie be a part of my wedding in May, 2019." - Deborah

"Debbie was my first friend when I moved to Kodiak. I went to school with both Debbie and Mark. We have since worked together, travelled together, graduated university together, and most importantly, laughed together. I think Mark's sense of humour and Debbie's ability to laugh at everything makes them a perfect couple and I am honoured to be part of their special day." - Josie

Sonia Kim

"Sonia Kim is a gracious, compassionate and yet modest to a fault individual.  More than anyone I know, Sonia seeks to understand and emphasize with anyone's point of view.  This kindness is balanced with a strength and a courage to speak her truth and stand up for both herself, the ones she loves and what she believes is right.  She is someone that I have the upmost respect for and I am honored to have her be a part of my wedding party." - Deborah

"When I think of Debbie, I can’t help but smile. She’s one of the most compassionate, understanding, loving people I know and never fails to warm my heart. I’ll forever be grateful to Kodiak (Debbie's german shepherd) for bringing us together! The happiness Debbie and Mark have found and their dedication to each other shines brightly and I’m so happy they day has finally come where they’re tying the knot. My heartfelt congratulations to you both." - Sonia

Tasnah Moyer

"Everyone who knows Tasnah is aware of her big heart and her passion for organizing.  These qualities make her a fantastic wedding planner (for any of you looking to get hitched). One of my most memorable moments with Tasnah was when I accidentally poured her cup of cocoa with a splash of dead mouse. We still laugh about it even though it was pretty traumatizing in the moment.  I couldn’t be more thrilled for Tasnah with her recent marriage to Lucas Bercy; although I find it a little ironic that despite her resistance to living Kodiak, Alaska, Lucas’s love for hunting, fishing and the outdoors bring them both there quite often.  Maybe some things are meant to be.  Big thank you to Tasnah for being apart of Mark and Deborah’s big day!" - Deborah

"Debbie and I first met on a gap year program but our friendship took on a whole new level when we were roommates in college. Ciabatta bread and Jarlsburg cheese were our staples and bio and Buddhism wouldn’t have been half as fun without her. Debbie has such a beautiful and deep heart for all those around her and I’m so grateful she’s found in Mark someone who will treasure and love her always." - Tasnah

Hanna Schmittat

"There is no one quite like Hanna Schmittat.  My favorite quality about Hanna is that she is so perfectly, confidently, and unapologetically herself.  When Hanna has her mind set on something, you can believe she will achieve it.  Hanna and I spent many years together as roommates in college while we both pursued our passion for alternative medicine.  I am so proud of Hanna for achieving her dream as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Acupuncturist and Homeopathic Medicine Practitioner.  Thank you Hanna for being a part of our wedding." - Deborah

Chastity McCarthy

"I have known Debbie & Mark for 14 years now, and the entire time I knew they were destined for one another. What appeared to be seamless, was really the effort of 2 people who truly loved one another and were determined to make it work. Debbie & Mark embody true love. They each deserve every bit of happiness and I am so excited to be a part of what is going to be their forever." - Chastity

Theron Haines

"I have known both of them since we were young, and it has been both and honor and a pleasure to be in the presence of such genuine and honest people; Deborah through her kindness and optimistic demeanor and Marky his positive approach and outstanding ethics. And that I feel privileged to be associated with their wedding, of which I congratulate them deeply." - Theron

Clint Garvin

"I first met Mark, my roommate, on move in day as a college freshman. In the years I have known him, Mark has always been fiercely loyal to the things that matter most: his family, his friends, and Walmart. I am fortunate to be considered among that group, and excited for Deborah to become Mark's family and experience all of the joy that it entails." - Clint